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PPNN Briefing Meeting

In conjunction with the launch of its Study, "Putting the Final Document into Practice", the Programme for Promoting Nuclear Non-Proliferation (PPNN) and the Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute for International Studies (CNS) convened a meeting with Ambassadors from the Conference on Disarmament, Geneva on 8 and 9 March 2002 in Annecy, France. The purpose was to address and discuss issues likely to be prominent in discussions at the first session of the Preparatory Committee for the 2005 NPT Review Conference. Six presentations were made during this meeting, which was chaired jointly by Ben Sanders, Executive Chairman of PPNN and William Potter, Director of CNS. Copies of the text of these presentations are now being made generally available through the PPNN and CNS websites and of the Study on the PPNN one. The presentations were, in order of delivery:

Newsbrief No. 52, Fourth Quarter 2000
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PPNN is an international non-governmental networking organisation structured around a Core Group of acknowledged authorities in the field of nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. PPNN's aim is the strengthening of the nuclear non-proliferation regime. Following a policy of strict objectivity in respect of the political issues involved, PPNN seeks to make diplomats, government officials, the academic community, industry and public media, more aware of the nature and causes of the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the need to deter it, and the factors that might advance nuclear disarmament.

PPNN's Objectives are: 

  • To help strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation regime; 
  • To promote progressive abolition of nuclear weapons; 
  • To promote the implementation of the 1995 Decision on Principles and Objectives for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament
  • To ensure the realization of the 1995 Decision on creating opportunities for dialogue on methods of strengthening the nuclear non-proliferaton regime and promoting the abolition of nuclear weapons; 
  • To work for the universalization of the NPT and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime. 
  • To build on the achievements of the 2000 NPT Review Conference by making recommendations aimed at facilitating the implementation of the action statements contained in the Final Document.


PPNN currently receives its funding from charitable and other organisations in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States including: B. & G. S. Cadbury Trust, The W. Alton Jones Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Japanese Atomic Energy Relations Organisation, The J.D. and C.T. MacArthur Foundation, The Ploughshares Fund, The Prospect Hill Foundation, The Rockefeller Brothers Fund and The Rockefeller Foundation.

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