Occasional Papers

1. Nuclear Restraint in Latin America: Argentina & Brazil
by John R. Redick, June 1988

2. Nuclear Submarines and Non-Proliferation: Cause for Concern
by Ben Sanders and John Simpson, July 1988

3. China and Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Two Perspectives
by Charles N. Van Doren & Rodney Jones, July 1989

4. New Technology, the NPT and the IAEA Safeguards System
by Dennis Fakley & Adolf Von Baeckmann, October 1989

5. New Concepts in Nuclear Arms Control: Verified Cutoff & Verified Disposal
by Warren H. Donnelly & Lawrence Scheinman, February 1990

6. Falling into Line? France and the NPT
by Harald Müller, May 1990

7. Argentina and Brazil: An Evolving Nuclear Relationship
by John R. Redick, July 1990

8. The Need for a Strong Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: Issues at the Fourth NPT Review Conference
by John Simpson & Darryl Howlett, July 1990

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